Why is Gudi Padwa the best time to invest into Real Estate?

Gudi Padwa wish

Gudi Padwa, a festival that ushers in the new year, is considered as an auspicious day for anything new – Real Estate, Business, Home, Jewelry, etc. The property, in particular, involves a huge investment. Besides affordability and market conditions, sentiments play a significant role in buying one’s home.

Consequently, many people, including young buyers opt to buy their property transactions during auspicious days, such as Gudi Padwa which is a special day in Hindu Calendar. It is believed that Lord Brahma created the universe on Gudi Padwa. Our home is just like the universe. So, we couldn’t have a better day than Gudi Padwa. Indians are traditional by nature and even younger buyers who are influenced by the older generation do believe in this being a good time to buy.

In Maharashtra, such occasions are very important for purchasing the property. People do prefer to buy property on the eve of Gudi Padwa and most of them wait for this day.

We believe that buying new things during this period will bring prosperity

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