Why Invest in Pune Real Estate

Why Invest in Pune Real Estate

In this article, we will do the analysis on why to invest in Pune real estate.

Pune is very well known as the “Queen of Deccan” owing to its abundant natural resources and scenic beauty. Located in western Maharashtra, it is well known for its historical and religious places. It has a rich culture and is popular worldwide for its education and research sector. The cosmopolitan city of Pune has emerged as one of the most favorable destinations for investing in real estates. With its popular education institutions, improved infrastructure, pleasant weather, charming localities and much more, the city is now a great and fantastic place to live in and that one more big reason Why invest in Pune Real Estate.

Additionally, increased employment opportunities are one of the many good reasons to invest in Pune. It is known as one of the best cities for education, academically oriented with four universities, more than 20 engineering colleges, more than two hundred other colleges and other nationally and internationally accredited institutions. Needless to mention, foreign institutes are now setting up their own institutes or tying up with the existing ones in Pune to establish a base in India. Not only an educational hub but also Pune is now a thriving commercial city with abundant employment opportunities especially in IT and ITes companies.

The areas like Hinjewadi, Marunji, Kharadi, etc. have witnessed a positive trend with giant companies such as Infosys, TCS, Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant, Capgemini, etc. located in the corridors of these areas. And as a matter of fact, most of the developments and growths are taking place in the western zone of the city. Under the Special Township Policy, many new residential projects are coming up in Pune. People who have invested in Properties earlier are getting good returns by investing in Real Estate close to Hinjewadi. The trend continues for the upcoming projects located at Marunji, Nere, Kasarsai, and Chandkhed. They will definitely see the Big return on investment in the coming years.

Land in Pune is developing as fast as the city itself!

Portions of the city that were considered as the edges, a couple of years prior, are presently flourishing territories with new choices for eating and shopping, springing up in all respects as often as possible. While the older parts of the city boast of beautiful old family homes, the newer areas are perfect for students, young professionals, and families looking for flats in Pune. Investors are reaping generous rewards for intelligent plays in the city’s growth pockets, and the city’s boundaries are constantly expanding to bring in more such pockets. But a factor to watch out for is the illegal construction happening on the outskirts. Like any other property market, Pune will also not yield returns, if not intelligently pursued. Therefore investors need to plan and research properly before investing.

Another question that comes to an investor’s mind – Why invest in Pune Real Estate and what makes Pune such an attractive investment destination, in spite of the fact that Mumbai- India’s incredible land second to none is directly nearby. Well, despite their proximity to each other, Mumbai and Pune are two very different markets. Mumbai’s legendary space demand has made property there, exorbitantly costly pushing more and more aspiring middle-income home buyers to the out fringes. Whereas Pune’s residential property market has maintained its momentum even in a challenging economic environment. The middle- level managers based out of Mumbai can’t afford to buy a second home in that city. Whereas, they can buy a decent property in a plush Pune neighborhood, in the same amount. Pune is an upmarket city with good education options, good weather, and virtually no crime rate.  Many research agencies have confirmed that Pune has prevailed as one of the best performing residential real estate market over the past few years. Pune’s developers are now actively discouraging the mass purchase of units to speculative investors so that the market retains its rationality.

More and more Puneris are now spurning the chaotic existence of inner city life and embracing the privileges of living in less congested areas. Hinjewadi, Baner, Wakad, Undri, Wagholi, and Dhanori are attracting serious demand from home buyers who have had enough of traffic snarls, unacceptable air, and noise pollution. Designers in the previously mentioned regions pursue the refreshed city arranging outline, which guarantees open spaces, green spread, dynamic social and metro framework and the wide street which implies that they are in no danger of becoming clones of the inner city. Properties in Pune’s brand new suburbs offer a healthy, less stressful and more

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