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Is agricultural land the best investment in India?

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land investment

Of course; it is the best investment even today in India.

Rural land could be of extraordinary incentive in times to come. For a solid and secure future, horticulture could be a standout amongst the best choices. It is in this way imperative that a piece of your venture could be for agrarian land.

Follow Following Steps before buying agricultural Land:

1) The land that you are about to purchase must be free from legal or other disputes.

2) The land about to be purchased must be having all the previous taxes cleared.

3) The land about to be purchased must not be government property. The easiest way is to check the              7/12 extract available online along with zone certificate.

4) Ask for search title of the land from a purchaser or get a one from the advocate.

Last but not the least; make all possible inquiries about the land you are going to buy. When you are fully satisfied, proceed with your investment plan.

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What are the best land plots to invest along the Pune-Mumbai Expressway closer to Pune?

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Benchmark Developers has residential zone & NA villa plots for sale. The project is located just 10 minutes from Laxmi Chowk, near NH-4.

The residential plotted project has ready amenities & infrastructure. Like water supply, Electricity supply, internal road Etc… If you are looking to invest in unpolluted green countryside, close to the city, buying a plot here is a good decision. You can check the villa plots for sale at this link –

Benchmark Developers is one of the best land developers in Pune who sell Plots/Land near Hinjewadi. Feel free to call us on +91 866 999 44 99 or 77 20 935 551 anytime between 8 am to 8 pm.

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Is it a favorable time for land investments?

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Indeed this is the perfect time for putting resources into a land.

It will grow 3 times more within 4To5 years in Pune.

You can likewise consider for a farmhouse or planting high yielding exorbitant tree estate.

The reasons are as per the following:

  • High business rate
  • Youth wanting to be entrepreneurs
  • Straightforwardness in govt. machinery.
  • India is a country of youth.
  • As of now, property estimation is low.
  • The extensive populace does not have lodging offices.
  • India will be the assembling center point soon.

In the event that you need to purchase or sell any property in Pune, at that point get in touch with us at the accompanying address.

Benchmark Developers is one of the best land developers in Pune who sell Plots/Land near Hinjewadi. Feel free to call us on +91 866 999 44 99 or 77 20 935 551 anytime between 8 am to 8 pm.

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Land Vs Gold – Which is better investment and why?

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Gold vs Land

Well, known media regularly point to gold, yet is this precise? What drives their information? Could it be skewed?  How about we separate it piece by piece. A real bequest is money producing and agreeable venture for some. Whereas, Gold is a precious metal “inherently” valuable. Both gold and land has been put resources into and exchanged for a great many years. On one side, Gold has liquidity, but on another, the land has more stability. Before you make that move, let us look at both the sides of the “coin”.

Clearly, the Land ownership outshines gold. It has a significant growth rate while gold fumbles in the open market. In history, more millionaires have been and continually are created in real estate than every other business…COMBINED. Smart investors are purchasing land over gold because land has utility. The landowner can build a home, grow crops, and enjoy the recreational benefits. Real estate investment offers steady benefits on taxes and capital appreciation. Gold is unproductive in nature unless you sell it off for profits. While investing in real estate opens up the possibility of a regular income.

Yes, you heard that right! Land holds many more benefits and is a much safer investment than other options including gold. Gold is a dead weight and provides only a single opportunity for growth.

However, gold is a collectible, but land boosts growth in the long term. With gold, you have to buy 100% cash up front and can only get the amount of which you have the cash on hand. With land, you can leverage your cash through owner financing. This allows you to control more properties for the same cash and reap much larger returns.

If you are considering investing your money for a safe and sizable return, then is ideal.

Benchmark Developers is one of the best land developers in Pune who sell Plots/Land near Hinjewadi. Feel free to call us on +91 8669994499 or 7720935551 anytime between 8 am to 8 pm.

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Why it is worth to Invest in Land in Pune

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why invest in Pune

‘Why it is worth to Invest in Land in Pune’

 Recently! Pune is the fastest developing city in all angles. It is the social capital of Maharashtra and the instructive capital of the nation. It is situated in nearness to Mumbai, the greatest city of India. It is additionally very much associated with other real urban communities, for example, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Kolkata and others through aviation routes, railroads, and roadways. The City has a worldwide air terminal which gives simple network to many significant nations and world urban areas. To finish everything off, the atmosphere of Pune is lovely, in view of which individuals from most pieces of the world think that its simple to change themselves. Be that as it may, a quickly developing city likewise accompanies numerous spontaneous formative and political difficulties. Traffic is a noteworthy issue since open transport is a profoundly dismissed zone in Pune. Be that as it may, the metro is required to bring the genuinely necessary change. The old city territories have every real market associated with tight streets and little extension to enlarge them. Henceforth, individuals are currently wanting to migrate themselves into all the more better and arranged more current territories of Pune, for example, Baner, Aundh, Akurdi, Chinchwad, Balewadi, Wagholi and so forth. The land rates are contacting the sky, particularly in the city prime regions. This is prompting the land development of the city. In the event that you are wanting to put resources into a land close Pune, at that point there is an opportunity in 2019 that you will at present locate a decent plot available to be purchased in Chakan, Balewadi, Hinjewadi, Rahatni, Bhor, Khandala, Rajgurunagar and Khed. A portion of the territories, for example, Chakan, Khed, Rajgurunagar have overwhelming modern nearness and holds huge numbers of the greatest brands in the nation. So on the off chance that you are searching for a modern plot available to be purchased in Pune, at that point these zones are your most solid option.

Benchmark Developers is one of the best land developers in Pune who sell Plots/Land near Hinjewadi. Feel free to call us on +91 8669994499 or 7720935551 anytime between 8 am to 8 pm.

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Land Acquisition Act

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Land Acquisition Act

What is the Land Acquisition Act?

The Land Acquisition Act, 1894 is a law in India and Pakistan that enables the administration to get private land in those nations. “Land Acquisition” truly proposes the obtaining of land for some open reason by an association relationship from individual landowners, as embraced by the law, in the wake of paying a legislature fixed pay to cover misfortunes acquired via landowners from surrendering their property to the concerned government officials. In India, another Act, The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013 was passed by the Parliament in 2013 to rescind this Act.


The land obtaining a demonstration of 1894 was made with the reason for encouraging procurement by the legislature of secretly held land for open purposes. “Open reason”, as portrayed in the show, infers the checking of land for making educational establishments or plans, for example, inn, thriving or ghetto opportunity, also concerning model, lodging, wellbeing or ghetto freedom, just as for activities worried about country arranging or arrangement of locales. “Government” infers the adjacent government if the reason behind checking is for the alliance and for one another reason it suggests the state government. It isn’t fundamental that all the obtaining must be started by the legislature alone. Nearby experts, societies registered under the social orders enlistment act, 1860 and co-usable social orders set up under the co-employable social orders act can likewise procure the land for formative exercises through the legislature.


The guideline I of the land obtaining act was first sanctioned by the British government in the year 1824. Its application was all through the entire of the Bengal territories quickly subject to the Presidency of Fort William. The guidelines enabled the administration to procure undaunted property at, what was esteemed to be, a reasonable and sensible cost for development of streets, trenches or other open purposes. In 1850 a portion of the arrangements of guideline I of 1824 were reached out to Calcutta through Act I of 1850, so as to affirm the land titles in Calcutta that were obtained for open purposes. Around then a railroad arrange was being created and it was felt that enactment was required for obtaining land for the motivations behind the railroads. Building act XXVII of 1839 and act XX of 1852 was acquainted with hinder the challenges relating to the development of open structures in the urban communities of Bombay and Madras. Act VI of 1857 was the primary full institution, which had application to the entire of British India. It canceled every past order identifying with procurement and its item. Consequently, Act X of 1870 became effective which was additionally supplanted by the Land Acquisition Act of 1894, a totally independent act, so as to cleanse a portion of the defects of act X of 1870.

After the autonomy of India in 1947, the Indian government received the 1894 Land Acquisition Act. From that point forward different corrections have been produced using time to time yet the managerial techniques have stayed the same.

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Why Invest In a Land?

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At whatever point individuals get a call for purchasing a Land. There are question marks on their countenances.

How to manage the land particularly when it is empty.

Individuals think it is the weakest venture on the grounds that

  1. It doesn’t create pay.
  2. I don’t find out about the archives and how to check it.
  3. How to manage a Land.

We are giving sure reasons why one ought to go for land.

You don’t have to do anything to a property

Disregard development/remodel. You just need to know whether it is appropriate for the first home in coming years or end of the week home. on the off chance that you can close of this, your half fight is won.

The land is an ideal Investment

Have you manage occupants, support issues in a building and other 100 issues which accompanies the owning a building/Flat. Land doesn’t include any of these.

Less expensive in Long term Investment

When you chose to go for a Land at the correct cost, a duty is ostensible; no service charges need to pay so like for a Building/Flat.

It gives a bit of Mind

When you got every one of the papers in your grasp, it’s a Tangible resource it never devalues, can’t get broken or stolen like different resources like Jewelry.

 You can appreciate it

At the point when contrasted with different resources like assets, FD, shares, When you go for a real estate parcel you can appreciate it by visiting it as an excursion spot, or by developing an end of the week home to go out with family.

It can satisfy your fantasies

As section cost is most minimal, anybody with a little reserve can buy a real estate parcel, regardless of whether their fantasy is to give great instruction to their youngsters or move in a greater house. It is likewise said that interest in the correct land and your work residency may give a similar return.

It isn’t the midsection

Presently there is an idea of doing cultivating in your empty land the majority of the Real Estate engineers are giving alternatives like ranch of trees like mango, Teak, as these trees give great returns after specific years in long haul.

They aren’t making it any longer out of it

At long last, actually Land is incredibly important assets with a restricted amount accessible as it can’t be fabricated or created.

‘Make in India’ and its effect on Indian Real Estate

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make in india

The biggest fair countries with such a large number of different networks accompany its own arrangement of difficulties towards advancement. In spite of the fact that in a previous couple of years we are seeing a needle development toward development. A few strategies and changes have shaken the establishment and left individuals sticking to discover an exit plan yet as the rubble settles, we appear to rise more grounded. The genuine degree of all these political and monetary changes must be uncovered after some time however there are some that we might want to discuss. ‘Make in India’ was a development in excess of a change started towards helping India position itself as prime choices for extensive aggregates. It was a method for us advising the world that we need to enable you to make your business effective and what preferable approach to get things done over to convey your workplaces to our shores. Consequently, PM Narendra Modi made a huge effort to set up associations with outside countries and expansive associations. The methodology of bringing new work, new employment and a flood of venture into the nation for a populace that is developing in size and monetary levels, was without a doubt a strong move the correct way. The effect of which has driven different organizations consenting to set up activities in the nation and creating procedures to use the Indian workforce and exercise the readiness of political arrangements to invite outside impact. The FDI tops were returned to for a few ventures and this elevated outside offices to acquire their innovation, mastery, and cash into India. Furthermore, these viewpoints assumed a huge job concerning business Real Estate. New organizations setting shop in India implied more office spaces, bigger worked to-suit innovation focuses and Special Economic Zones.


The building and push towards keen urban communities likewise proclaimed the open door for framework improvement, which notwithstanding, streets, railroads, the business focuses thus significantly more. Furthermore, with the administration facilitating the exchange and remuneration process around land securing additionally helped engineers defeat difficulties and obstacles being developed activities. Another viewpoint that guaranteed quality and reasonable practice in the land circle was the consideration of the RERA strategies that give a security net to shoppers. With incorporations of strategies that most optimized plan of attack advancement and measures that guarantee quality and administration, the land is seeing a solid upward development. After some time, it appears to be likely that we will be at a greater improvement in the land business and advancement of greater tasks that will launch India’s

Benchmark Developers is one of the best land developers in Pune who sell Plots/Land near Hinjewadi. Feel free to call us on +91 8669994499 or 7720935551 anytime between 8 am to 8 pm.

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What is land banking ?

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land banking

 What is Land Banking?

The name suggests precisely what it is. Instead of placing money into an investment account or the financial exchange, a few business visionaries have adopted an elective strategy by securing LAND and in doing as such; they have stopped their money in a substantial, fixed resource one that can’t be broken, stolen or pulverized.

How Long Has Land Banking Been Around?

This procedure is just the same old thing new. A standout amongst the most outstanding instances of Land Banking in the course of recent years is John Jacob Astor, who utilized this procedure to end up the first multimillionaire in the United States. He understood the intensity of Land Banking when he acquired huge tracts of land which are presently known as “Manhattan“. He gained this land when no one else understood the chance. At the season of his passing, Astor’s assessed total assets would have been proportionate to $110.1 billion of every 2006 U.S. dollars, making him the fourth most extravagant individual in American history.

Why is Land Banking Overlooked?

Most financial specialists don’t give much consideration to this open door since they don’t have persistence. Individuals need their cash now; they would prefer not to trust that decades will understand their additions. It’s a justifiable complaint to arrive contributing, and I’ve made my very own portion speculation choices dependent on a similar rationale. There’s no time like the present, isn’t that so?

How Can You Start Land Banking?

It’s something that real designers and mass retailers have been accomplishing for a considerable length of time and it occurs in each real city in America. Take a gander at your closest significant metropolitan territory and analyze what it would seem that now, to what it looked like 10 years prior. New neighborhoods jump up constantly! New ad improvements, new modern parks, new retail foundations, are continually being made or revived, regardless of what the land advertise resembles. Everything necessary is for a speculator to go in and purchase arrives on the edges of a city and after that, they trust that the populace will develop to them. They’re purchasing a property at the present low costs (before any other individual sees the esteem) and they simply hold up until the city develops to them. At the point when this occurs, the land costs spike in esteem and they’re ready to take advantage of their property speculation.

Benchmark Developers is one of the best land developers in Pune who sell Plots/Land near Hinjewadi. Feel free to call us on +91 8669994499 or 7720935551 anytime between 8 am to 8 pm.

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