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Is buying Agricultural land better than residential property in India?

agree vs residential

Buying Agricultural Land in India is easier and better. Agriculture land is always seen as one of the best investment options because it is available at cheap rates compared to land available in the city. If you have an investment horizon of 2-3 years, buy agriculture land near city limits. If your investment horizon is 5-6 years, you can think of land between 10-15 km radius from city limits.

Agriculture land gets/can be converted into residential or commercial at a future point of time. How?

These days the city limits are getting extended almost every couple of years.  More and more villages are getting included into Corporation to cater to the housing need for everyone and reduce a load on city traffic.

If a need arises agriculture land can be converted into Non-Agriculture with necessary permissions if you want to use it for Residential or commercial purpose. You can earn a good profit if you build an apartment or warehouse.

On the other hand appreciation of Apartments will be a reflection of inflation. So it’s a good place to hedge against inflation while you earn around 3% ROI. 30% can be written off as maintenance expenses and be balance will be taxed.

Agriculture land will give you around 1% ROI. On the off chance that you are a hands-on individual who can deal with a homestead feel free to purchase agriculture land and create it with harvests that give you yield. You will also be entitled to many subsidies from the government like free electricity, 100% subsidy on drip irrigation (if the land is owned by a female), tax-free income, etc.

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