Real estate investment vs stock market

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  Now talking about the investments. I would like to discuss some of the differentiation that makes one of the options better than the other. Read on and find out which would suit you the best. Investing in Real Estate: Real estate among the metros is the main target of investment option for at least a decade now. This might be due to the increasing demand to accommodate IT sector people in the cities. With this influx of people, there […]

Akshaya Tritiya is the best time to buy property

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People believe that investing in asset on the holy day of Akshaya Tritiya will come with ample advantages. The term ‘Akshaya’ defines ‘eternal’ and the day is pondered prosperous when it comes to purchasing assets like property or jewelry. In short, this auspicious day is a good time for making an investment. It is believed that on this day, Kuber, the God of Wealth, prayed to Maa Laxmi. And he was offered eternal wealth and opportune by Devi Laxmi. From […]

Hinjewadi Pune Real Estate Growth

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Hinjewadi, a part of growing West Pune Real Estate Growth, does not only boast of being the IT hub but also does present baggage full of well established educational institutions furnishing playgroups, crèches, to higher studies, burgeoning hospitality sector to Commercial complexes. Its nearness to the Pune-Mumbai expressway and Mumbai-Bengaluru national highway is a vantage point for the Globetrotters. Consequently, the synonymous appeasing weekend getaways like Mulsi, Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Goa, and Imagica are also bound to enthrall the senses of […]

Why Invest in Pune Real Estate

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In this article, we will do the analysis on why to invest in Pune real estate. Pune is very well known as the “Queen of Deccan” owing to its abundant natural resources and scenic beauty. Located in western Maharashtra, it is well known for its historical and religious places. It has a rich culture and is popular worldwide for its education and research sector. The cosmopolitan city of Pune has emerged as one of the most favorable destinations for investing […]

Plot vs Flat

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Which is the best investment for the long term? A most heard question usually found among investors and home buyers is, what would be the right option for investing, plots or apartments? The favorable answer is a plot. There is no belonging more beneficial in the long run than investing in a plot. The plot is one of the popular investment choices for its better resale value when contrasted with other residential properties. Although, investments in the plot has its […]

What is the best age to buy your first property

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    In the event that you plan your investment carefully, at that point you can undoubtedly and orchestrate the imperative requisite funds for your first home. Purchasing your first home is a passionate choice and accompanies numerous monetary duties. Arranging funds from different sources is no easy feat. Albeit, the home advance can be a stepping stool to satisfy your fantasy owning a home, however you need to orchestrate assets for the upfront installment, which is a significant sum… […]

Things You Need to Know when you buying a New Land

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Purchasing a new Land can be an extremely exciting moment in your life. Not only is it the place where you will relax and enjoy life, it’s also potentially the largest investment you’ll ever make financially. With any investment comes a certain degree of risk and a Land is no different. Life is always going to throw curve balls but there are things we can do to mitigate the risk. Below are some items to consider in order avoiding being […]

Is agricultural land the best investment in India?

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Of course; it is the best investment even today in India. Rural land could be of extraordinary incentive in times to come. For a solid and secure future, horticulture could be a standout amongst the best choices. It is in this way imperative that a piece of your venture could be for agrarian land. Follow Following Steps before buying agricultural Land: 1) The land that you are about to purchase must be free from legal or other disputes. 2) The […]