What is the best age to buy your first property

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    In the event that you plan your investment carefully, at that point you can undoubtedly and orchestrate the imperative requisite funds for your first home. Purchasing your first home is a passionate choice and accompanies numerous monetary duties. Arranging funds from different sources is no easy feat. Albeit, the home advance can be a stepping stool to satisfy your fantasy owning a home, however you need to orchestrate assets for the upfront installment, which is a significant sum… […]

Why is Gudi Padwa the best time to invest into Real Estate?

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Gudi Padwa, a festival that ushers in the new year, is considered as an auspicious day for anything new – Real Estate, Business, Home, Jewelry, etc. The property, in particular, involves a huge investment. Besides affordability and market conditions, sentiments play a significant role in buying one’s home. Consequently, many people, including young buyers opt to buy their property transactions during auspicious days, such as Gudi Padwa which is a special day in Hindu Calendar. It is believed that Lord […]

Is buying Agricultural land better than residential property in India?

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Buying Agricultural Land in India is easier and better. Agriculture land is always seen as one of the best investment options because it is available at cheap rates compared to land available in the city. If you have an investment horizon of 2-3 years, buy agriculture land near city limits. If your investment horizon is 5-6 years, you can think of land between 10-15 km radius from city limits. Agriculture land gets/can be converted into residential or commercial at a […]

Is agricultural land the best investment in India?

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Of course; it is the best investment even today in India. Rural land could be of extraordinary incentive in times to come. For a solid and secure future, horticulture could be a standout amongst the best choices. It is in this way imperative that a piece of your venture could be for agrarian land. Follow Following Steps before buying agricultural Land: 1) The land that you are about to purchase must be free from legal or other disputes. 2) The […]

What are the best land plots to invest along the Pune-Mumbai Expressway closer to Pune?

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Benchmark Developers has residential zone & NA villa plots for sale. The project is located just 10 minutes from Laxmi Chowk, near NH-4. The residential plotted project has ready amenities & infrastructure. Like water supply, Electricity supply, internal road Etc… If you are looking to invest in unpolluted green countryside, close to the city, buying a plot here is a good decision. You can check the villa plots for sale at this link –http://benchmark-developers.in/ Benchmark Developers is one of the […]

Is it a favorable time for land investments?

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Indeed this is the perfect time for putting resources into a land. It will grow 3 times more within 4To5 years in Pune. You can likewise consider for a farmhouse or planting high yielding exorbitant tree estate. The reasons are as per the following: High business rate Youth wanting to be entrepreneurs Straightforwardness in govt. machinery. India is a country of youth. As of now, property estimation is low. The extensive populace does not have lodging offices. India will be […]

Land Vs Gold – Which is better investment and why?

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Well, known media regularly point to gold, yet is this precise? What drives their information? Could it be skewed?  How about we separate it piece by piece. A real bequest is money producing and agreeable venture for some. Whereas, Gold is a precious metal “inherently” valuable. Both gold and land has been put resources into and exchanged for a great many years. On one side, Gold has liquidity, but on another, the land has more stability. Before you make that […]

Why it is worth to Invest in Land in Pune

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‘Why it is worth to Invest in Land in Pune’  Recently! Pune is the fastest developing city in all angles. It is the social capital of Maharashtra and the instructive capital of the nation. It is situated in nearness to Mumbai, the greatest city of India. It is additionally very much associated with other real urban communities, for example, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Chennai, Kolkata and others through aviation routes, railroads, and roadways. The City has a worldwide air terminal […]

Land Acquisition Act

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What is the Land Acquisition Act? The Land Acquisition Act, 1894 is a law in India and Pakistan that enables the administration to get private land in those nations. “Land Acquisition” truly proposes the obtaining of land for some open reason by an association relationship from individual landowners, as embraced by the law, in the wake of paying a legislature fixed pay to cover misfortunes acquired via landowners from surrendering their property to the concerned government officials. In India, another […]

Why Invest In a Land?

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At whatever point individuals get a call for purchasing a Land. There are question marks on their countenances. How to manage the land particularly when it is empty. Individuals think it is the weakest venture on the grounds that It doesn’t create pay. I don’t find out about the archives and how to check it. How to manage a Land. We are giving sure reasons why one ought to go for land. You don’t have to do anything to a […]